Sometimes you
have to steer away
from the crowd to
get somewhere.

As a bike lover and builder, Elian had a vision of a cargo bike that would outperform both conventional cargo bikes and other forms of motorized city transport. The only way to turn that vision into reality was to tackle the stability problems caused by the fork steering setup used on all common cargo bikes.

As an automotive engineer, he knew the answer had to be found in a new steering system. He had to get rid of the fork, and the only way to do that was to build the steering in the front hub. Virtual prototyping and calculations quickly proved he was on the right track. Machine prototyping lead to a first cargo bike build. Over the next years, he kept testing, adapting and improving both the bike and the steering hub, perfecting every little detail.

Today, the Elian Steering Hub is machined and assembled in the Netherlands and implemented worldwide in the most innovative cargo bikes.

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Elian steering hub

A smooth ride ahead with technology that’s built to last.

The Elian Steering Hub is a solid piece of Dutch engineering. Built to withstand far more than you can imagine.

  • Engineered and designed in 2011, patented, and proven in daily use since day one.
  • Designed to withstand forces far greater than you’ll come across in real life situations.
  • Allows designing and building forkless cargo bikes with increased frame stiffness and stability.
  • Heavy duty engineering, wheel bearings with the size used in industrial machinery.
  • 8 bolt disk rotor mounting pattern for maximum braking and stopping power without drag.
  • Super stiff steering pivot design based on a double row angular & single row tapered bearing set.
  • Fixed position spoke pattern, directly mounted in the hub body for ultimate wheel stiffness.
  • Enabling an optimal 41 degree turning angle, similar to, but outperforming a fork setup.
  • Inner & outer hub shell are fully CNC machined from high grade aluminium and hard anodized.
  • Steering axle is CNC machined and chemically nickle plated from C45 steel to last a lifetime.
  • Designed with industrial standard double sealed bearings, for a maintenance free & long lifetime.

Share the dream.

At Elian Steering we want our technology to excell. To guarantee a seamless implementation in your design project, we offer design consultancy so we can apply all the knowledge we have gathered over the years. Why reinvent the wheel all by yourself?

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